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Large Trailer

Serving pizza for the Four Seasons Resort at Evergreen Brickworks

Important Logistic Information

We pull our trailer with a 4 door pickup with 8ft box. This trailer serves from the drivers' side not the typical passenger side. 

We require level ground to park.

Complete Trail Layout.png

Small Trailer

The smaller trailer is perfect for small spaces but can still feed a crowd! It contains a smaller wood fired oven, pizza prep table , work area. Often paired with our Signature BBQ's for a one of a kind meal

The small trailer is 8 feet wide by 12 feet long. The wood fired oven is accessed through a fire truck roll up door in that back.

We use a 10x10 tent for serving pizzas. 

Serving BBQ at the Joe Carter Golf Tournament
Joe Carter BBQ & Flatbread.jpg
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