2019 Pizza and Salad Menu 

                                                                                                                 Red Sauce Meat Pizzas



Meatatarian-  Pepperoni- Bacon


Hawaiian- Fresh Pineapple - Pepperoni - Hot Peppers


Pesto Chicken - Olive oil base with shredded mozza , roast chicken tossed in pesto sauce with red onions  and sun dried tomato



Prosciutto Arugula with Grape Tomato and Fresh Mozza



Red Sauce Vegetarian Pizzas



Fresh Veggie- Green Pepper- Mushrooms- Red Onion Pesto Drizzle


Gorgeous Greek - Spinach- Sun Dried Tomato- Kalamata and Green Olives- Red Onion

( can also be made on an olive oil base)


Ricotta - Tomato- Micro Basil


                                                                                                                   Olive Oil Base Pizza


Buffalo Chicken - roast chicken is tossed in Franks Buffalo Wing sauce once the pizza is cooked it’s drizzled with blue cheese dressing


Fig Jam- Double Smoked Cheddar- Chevre - Prosciutto


Prosciutto -Melon- Micro Basil


Potato Bacon - Red Onion- Parmesan Chili Oil



                                                                                                                    BBQ Sauce Base Pizza


Pulled Pork with Red Onions


Pulled Roast Chicken with Red Onions - Optional Hot Peppers



ALL chicken pizzas can be made with Halal roast chicken on request.


Apple Caramel Dessert Pizza has a caramel base, cooked cinnamon apples and mascarpone!


                                            Salad Options


Caesar  Salad -romaine lettuce creamy caesar dressing with bacon croutons parmesan


Garden Salad-mixed greens-  tomato- cucumber- red onion- green peppers  served with a selection of dressings


Classic Greek Salad - tomato- red onions- green peppers- kalamata olives- feta with house made greek dressing ( can be served with romaine)


Quinoa Mediterranean Salad- diced red onion- kalamata olives- grape tomato- green pepper with house made red wine vinaigrette  


Roasted Beet Salad mixed greens - roasted beets- red onions- chevre or feta and our house made sweet balsamic dressing

Seasonal Salads are added to our menu